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For more advanced & practical skill of sequence control with PLC.

Programmable Controller Training System

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【For your quick and effective learning】

Have you mastered basis of relay sequence control? If you are finding the method for programming controller as your next step, this kit, Programmable Controller Training System, which has been developed for quick and efficient sequence control with programmable controller. It is video-leading learning for practice with actual machine which has a plenty of devices like push button, lump, motor, and limit switch around centered programmable controller, so the programming result can be checked immediately when you need. Some companies have used this feature for prototype test for automation devices. Programmable Controller Training System is authorized as a good job training material by Japan government, which represents the reliable learning tool.

【For active experience learning with systematic curriculum】

What is the shortest way to master programmable controller? It is to do operation with real machine. Programmable Controller Training System is the material which consists of two DVDs for tutorial movie with systematic curriculum and experimental kit with a plenty of practical devices. It is friendly for beginners learning; Chapter 1 DVD enables you to get ABCs of ON, AND, OR, and self holding circuit in approx. 8 hours, and Chapter 2 gives you the essential method from sequence circuit with 1 motor to sequential driving circuit with 2 motors in 16 hours. Now it is time for your experience learning start with good material, video and kit.

【Tutorial video and experimental kit for effective leaning】

efficient learning with video and experimental kit

Specific explanation through tutorial video must be more helpful for your comprehension than reading, and that will provide you with efficient training. It is also usable for instructors who like to pay more attention to their trainees, as the video can take over their lecture.

Step-by-step learning for comfortable study

It is impossible to go to the top of the high mountain at one jump, however, stairs will help climbers to achieve the target effortlessly. It will be proved in step-by-step learning method which raises the difficulty level STEP1-14 gradually, and it will enable you to master the skill without much effort.

Get the practical skill in brief time

You can enjoy your study with the video and experimental as follow process. 1. Video gives you the explanation and problem. 2. You should try your operation work after thinking of the solution. 3. You can try again to find the right solution after investigation. 4. Video give you the hint to figure out the right answer and you can confirm the best solution. This video-game-like method will keep your concentration and enthusiasm for your study, and the process which requires you to think for yourself develops your problem-solving mind.

Reliable learning method authorized

We are proud that Programmable Controller Training System has been authorized as one of the practical and efficient job training material for sequence control technology.(Authorized No.40843)


【Specification of Programmable Controller Training System)】

Composition of experimental kit Composition for full set
Main body Main body
Wiring cable Wiring cable
Handy programming panel Handy programming panel
- DVDs for learning (2)
- Learning textbook

Specification of Programmable Controller Training System
Dimension W550×D360×H150(mm)
Weight 10.5kg
Power consumption Kit / AC100V
PLC / AC100~240V DC / 24V
Frequency 50/60Hz


Names of parts
① (Mitsubishi-produced)PLC ×1 ⑧ Proximity sensor(for motor2) ×1
② Programming panel ×1 ⑨ Pilot lump ×3
③ Circuit protector ×1 ⑩ Snap switch ×1
④ Carrying unit (for motor1) ×1 ⑪ Push-button switch ×2
⑤ Proximity sensor(for motor1) ×1    
⑥ Photoelectric sensor(for motor1) ×2    
⑦ Rotary unit(for motor2) ×1    

Learning Time

【Learning hours】

The "programmable controller training system version / full set", you will learn about the following items. Shown in the table below is the estimated time courses of the curriculum.

【Vol1 (45min)】

STEP No. Subject
STEP 01 What is programmable controller?
STEP 02 Basic circuit
STEP 03 ON circuit
STEP 04 AND circuit
STEP 05 OR circuit
STEP 06 Self-hold circuit
STEP 07 Timer circuit
STEP 08 Counter circuit

【Vol2 (38min)】

STEP 09 Motor driving circuit (1)
STEP 10 Motor driving circuit (2)
STEP 11 Sequence circuit with motor1
STEP 12 Sequence circuit with motor2
STEP 13 1 cycle circuit (automatic circuit)
STEP 14 Continuous operation circuit

Demo Movie

【Introduction footage of Programmable Controller Training System】

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