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Proud of 30 years popularity.

Mechatronics Sequence Kit

Item Code:MS1-000VT

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【For beginner of relay sequence control learning】

Mechatronics sequence kit, consisting of actual device machine for practical training, tutorial footage DVD, and instruction textbook, provides learning and training and learning opportunity to master basic skill of relay sequence control. Tutorial video supports your practice by giving exercises and solution, which trains your problem-solving ability and cogitation to execute on actually work field.
You can learn from ABC like turning on LED to advanced skill like complicated sequence designing by well-organized curriculum progressing gradually. It will make you master the necessary skill for industry field efficiently and effortlessly. It has been highly-esteemed from many industries such as universities, colleges, technical high schools, and polytechnics, which have introduced in Japan. Additionally, we are sure you will use this kit with reassurance, to have been certificated by Japan government.

【Enables you to master the skill by amazingly short time】

Even for beginners, it takes just 6-8 hours to master basic skill like ON, AND, OR and self holding circuits with “Course A” as the basic learning section. “Course B” requires 12-16 hours for your deep comprehension for more advanced skill like interlock circuit with 2 motors. Each step will give you chance for circuit designing and confirmation through actual wiring operation, which means that you can get the practical skill. Enjoy the breakthrough experience-based learning system with good tool and DVD.

【For your effective and efficient learning】

Making your learning more efficient with tutorial movie and practice machine

Visualized tutorial movie will give you more vivid and clear description for your comfortable study than documentation, and that must be efficient training. This fact will be helpful even for instructors who prefer to pay more attentions to their trainees from speaking a lot, as the video will take some parts or responsibility giving a good lecture.

Comfortable and relaxing study through step-by-step learning process

As you know, it is impossible to climb up a high mountain at one breath, however, making gradual steps will enable you to achieve the goal. You can make sure this fact through the step-by-step learning method in Mechatronics sequence Kit. You will find yourself mastered the skill, understanding the theory without realizing.

Get practical skill by short time

Exercises through tutorial movie will give you opportunities to think of solution, execute it, review it, try the other one, and make sure the right solution. This learning process will give you a fun to learn like playing game, and reliable problem solution ability.

Trust it as the authorized material by Japan government

Mechatronics Sequence kit is the No.40128 educational material for job training authorized by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare in Japan. That is why many institutes and companies have introduced this kit for their professional training.


【Mechatronics Sequence Kit Specification】

Product composition
Main body
Wiring cable
Full-equipped kit
Main body
Wiring cable
Tutorial movie DVD(2 vols)
Learning textbook
Structure Plate handy box structure
Dimension/Weight W500×D330×H150(mm)/10kg
Power AC100V
Accessories Crimp terminal 100 units
Ring mark 50pairs
Wire cord 10m


Parts names
① Wiring breaker ⑦ Toggle switch
② Fuse ⑧ Timer
③ Electromagnetic switch ⑨ Terminal block
④ Lamp ⑩ Limit switch
⑤ Selector switch ⑪ Rotary motor
⑥ Push button switch  

Learning Time

【Learning hours】

Mechatronics sequence kit provides the follow learning contents.
Please refer the follow including the estimated learning time

【Course A: Basic / 32mins】

STEP No. Subject
STEP 01 Basic circuit
STEP 02 ON Circuit
STEP 03 AND Circuit
STEP 04 OR Circuit
STEP 05 Motor driving circuit
STEP 06 Motor normal/reverse rotation circuit
STEP 07 Electromagnetic relay basic circuit
STEP 08 Self hold circuit(1)
STEP 09 Self hold circuit(2)
STEP 10 Circuit with limit switch

【Course B: Advanced】

STEP No. Subject
STEP 01 Circuit added manual function
STEP 02 Interlock circuit of manual/automatic
STEP 03 2 motors driving circuit
STEP 04 Motor interlock circuit(1)
STEP 05 Motor interlock circuit(2)
STEP 06 Motor interlock circuit(3)
STEP 07 Motor interlock circuit(4)
STEP 08 Motor interlock circuit(5)
STEP 09 Circuit with electric timer
STEP 10 Circuit with limited switch

Demo Movie

【Introduction footage of Mechatronics Sequence Kit】

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