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Enjoy mechanical drawing with vivid and active visual aid.

Mechanical Drawing Basis 2010 edition

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【Provides the shortest and efficient method for basic mechanical drawing skill】

Mechanical drawing must be basis of mechanical engineering, but it is tough for beginners to start the learning in brief. To reduce the strain of learning, we developed Mechanical Drawing Basis video tutorial with a plenty of CG and 3d expression of 2d for visually lucid explanation. The learning contents that the

【Bestselling learning video has been updated for the latest JIS rule】

Corresponding to digitalization and globalization in a manufacturing setting, Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) has been revised in the parts related to drawing as follow in 2010.

JIS X 8310:2010(General rules about drawing)
JIS B 0001:2010(Mechanical drawing)

It has passed 10 years since the last revision of Mechanical Drawing section, and 26 years for General rules about drawing. The contents of Mechanical Drawing Basis have been updated according to the latest JIS revision. This popular learning tool which has enjoyed great sales record for technical schools, universities, polytechnics, and companies is providing more robust and well-contented learning.

【Main features】

Easily providing outline about mechanical drawing in brief time
Lucid visual explanation with rich CG and animation
Included video images of actual working process like molding, hobbing machine, spot weld, and roughness measuring
Well-organized learning contents with breaking information according to the latest JIS rule

Learning Time

【Estimated learning time】

Here are the learning contents you will get through Mechanical Drawing Basis 2010 and curriculum list including learning time.

【Unit 1/ Basis of mechanical drawing / 55mins】

Chapter/ section Contents
1-1 Line types and width
1-2 Third angle projection
2-1 Third angle projection being used in mechanical drawing
  How to select elevation
2-2 How to select plain view and edge view
  Symmetric figure
  Local projections and subsidiary projections
  Graphic display of cross-section
  Particular types of graphic methods

【Unit 2/ Fabrication drawing / 55 mins】

Chapter/section Contents
3-1 How to indicate dimension
3-2 How to indicate surface texture (Added in 2009)

【Unit 3/ Fabrication drawing / 62mins】

Chapter/section Contents
3-3 Dimension tolerance
3-4 Mating
3-5 Drawing format
3-6 Geometric tolerance

【Unit 4/ Machine element / 65mins】

Chapter/section Contents
4-1 Screw
4-2 Key
4-3 Pin
4-4 Rivet
4-5 Retaining ring

【Unit 5/ Machine element / 68mins】

Chapter/section Contents
4-6 bearing
4-7 Gear
4-8 Spring

Demo Movie

【Introduction footage of Video Tutorial Series : Mechanical Drawing Basis 2010 edition】

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