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Wooden Model Kit for Technical Drawing

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【Get familiar with solid model for reading and drawing skill】

Can you imagine 3D by seeing 2D drawing sheet? Can you make 2D drawing from 3D? Being good at imagining solid is essential skill for technical drawing master. It will take time and effort to master this skill. You have to train yourself as the first step.

【Master technical drawing with your eyes and hands】

Wooden Model Kit for Technical Drawing consists of 54 patterns of wooden models selected according to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) and workbook which contains 121 questions. This composition makes you master the technical drawing skill steadily at ease.

【Abilities you can get through this kit】

Comprehension and judgment managing technical drawing rules
Expressive skills to make mechanical drawing based on 3D
Attention and solving ability for problems of drawing
Intellect developing creative process work for devices

【Learning process】

1.Work through exercises on workbook
2.Check the right answers and compare them to yours
3.Confirm look of 3d shapes through models

Above process will make you to get imaginary skill, expressive skill, and intellect without realizing.

【To improve the quality of technical education】

Wooden Model Kit for Mechanical Drawing must be best suited for class in technical school, technical training course in industrial companies, and workshop seminars for engineers. Now you can get more skillful engineers through good education by practical problem-based learning.

【List of 54 model patterns】

Please contact us if you like to purchase each unit individually.

Learning Time

【Learning contents】

Learning through Wooden Model Kit for Mechanical Drawing requires approx. 30 hours for the following contents, which are shown in workbook.

【Challenge case】

Chapter 1 / Get used to 3D (1) / 14 exercises

Find the missing lines of each drawing according to the illustration, then complete the drawings.

Chapter 2 / Get used to 3D (2) / 12 exercises

Compensate necessary drawing for projective figure.

Chapter 3 / Isometric view / 12 exercises

Try to draw isometric view using examples from projective figures.

Chapter 4 / Cabinet drawing / 10 exercises

Try to make cabinet drawing using examples from projective figures.

Chapter 5 / Developed figure / 8 exercises

Try to draw the isometric view of the cubes imaginable from developed figure.

Chapter 6 / How to select the front elevation view / 5 exercises

Which is the best of the trigonometric views for the above illustration. Select the best one from A, B, and C.

Chapter 7 / Cross section diagram / 10 exercises

Try to draw the isometric view represented from the following diagrams.

Chapter 8/ How to express dimensions / 20 exercises

Select the best notation for the dimensions from the follow.

Chapter 9 / Abbreviated line figure / 10 exercises

Try to draw cabinet view using follow diagram simplified by symmetric centerline.

Chapter 10 / Specific graphic method / 16 exercises

Try to draw isometric view using follow front/edge elevation views.

Chapter 11/ Mutual piercing cube and line / 4 exercises

Find the missing mutual piercing line, then complete the diagram.

Demo Movie

【Introduction footage of Wooden Model Kit for Technical Drawing】

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