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Deep knowledge is not required for your study.

H8 Microcomputer Experimental Kit

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【For your more efficient learning environment!】

H8 Microcomputer Experimental Kit is the most popular experimental kit for elementary programming learners, which has enjoyed good record with annual sales of over 100 units. It will give you efficient learning opportunity to master basis of microcomputer programming with a fulfill machine with 10 I/O devises and fruitful guide.

【Was further renewed the text clearly】

The guide as attachment will guide you to easy and comfortable learning with rich illustration, fill-in-the-blank questions, and remarkable description of important point with color, which means that the material will friendly to beginners. If you have given up learning once due to too complicated textbook, you should try again with this simple material.

【Main feature of H8 Microcomputer Experimental Kit】

Focus on basics of embedded system with H8 microcomputer
Able to master from universal digital I/O to usage of peripheral gear like interrupt
Bothering bus wiring is not needed. ROM has already been written debug monitor
Debug monitor supports duplicated vector table
User-program will be writable and re-writable unlimitedly
Attached cross compiler as development environment
Configuration changes in the peripheral circuit soldering is not required only the replacement of the jumper
To change peripheral circuit structure, it requires just exchanging jumper leads without soldering
Productive guide with plenty of exercises (42) and manual


【H8 Microcomputer Experimental Kit Specification】

Composition Main body, power source adapter, jumper leads, software CD, (PDF file of user guide, installer for development, sample program) RS232C serial cable
Dimension W300×D140×H65(mm)/1.2kg(incl.AC adapter)
Power AC100V
Host PC/AT Compatible machine with Serial I/F(D-Sub 9pin connector)
OS Personal computer(*)Windows(**)or Linux(***)

* : HDD is required to have over 1GB free area and to enable serial I/F work well.
Using USB-serial transferring may cause trouble in machine working.)
** : To be used with Cygwin (Cygwin is packed in attached CD-R.)
*** : Re-structure of development environment is required (Source is packed in attached CD-R.)

【Parts names】

1. H8/3048F Microcomputer module 12. Rotary encoder(angle sensor 2)
2. Power connector
13. Serial communication connector
3. Master electrical switch 14. 8×8dot matrix LED
4. 128KB(1Mbit)extended RAM 15. Speaker volume control
5. Reset switch 16. Power switch for servo motor
6. NMI switch 17. Power switch for stepping motor
7. Microphone volume switch 18. Power indicator
8. Capacitor microphone sensor 19. Servo motor unit
9. CdS cell (light sensor) 20. Stepping motor
10. Tactile switch 21. Speaker
11. Adjustable resistor (angle sensor 1)  

Learning Time

【Estimated learning time】

You will get the following learning content through H8 microcomputer experimental kit.

STEP No. Subject Time
  Introduction 15min
  Preparing for development environment 30min
STEP 01 LED Dot Matrix and Microcomputer terminal 30min
STEP 02 Light up LED Dot Matrix 60min
STEP 03 Execution file (Designing, sending, and executing) 60min
STEP 04 Blink LED Dot Matrix 60min
STEP 05 Function 60min
STEP 06 Dynamic flashing 60min
STEP 07 Light up Dot Matrix and make it “A” 60min
STEP 08 Try to use SW 30min
STEP 09 Light up LED Dot Matrix with SW 30min
STEP 10 Try to use double SWs 60min
STEP 11 Chattering 30min
STEP 12 Try light and dark control of LED Dot Matrix 30min
STEP 13 Try servo motor 60min
STEP 14 Try stepping motor 60min
STEP 15 Try rotary encoder 60min
STEP 16 Try speaker 60min
STEP 17 What is A/D conversion? 30min
STEP 18 Try A/D conversion 60min
STEP 19 Try CdS cell 30min
STEP 20 Try D/A conversion 30min
STEP 21 Microphone and speaker A/D conversion and D/A conversion 30min
STEP 22 Integrated timer unit 30min
STEP 23 Try free running counter semantics 30min
STEP 24 Interruption 30min
STEP 25 Interruption of key input 30min
STEP 26 Timer interruption 30min
STEP 27 Try development with HEW 30min

Demo Movie

【H8 microcomputer experimental kit introduction movie】


Productive kit enables us to make consistent education!

It is awesome that both hardware and software are extremely well-organized, and sufficient for learning whole function of microcomputer only with this kit. We have used this kit for new employees training, and it is definitely right choice. The kit will support our consistent training from LED to motor controller.

(Employees training director / communication machine product)

Good for even intermediate learners who have basic knowledge of electronics

We introduced this kit into practice class for 2 and 3 grade students and found it best suited to one-board microcomputer learning, as the instruction guide is super friendly. The performance is perfect; however, it would be better if the price would be more inexpensive.

(Teacher, Information department of technical highschool)

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