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Practical training machine makes you professional engineer.

Sequence Trainer ONE

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【For practical learning for sequence control technology】

Sequence control is the essential technology for the industry field which has become increasingly automated. Sequence Trainer ONE is the learning kit providing you with the easy and friendly learning to get the basis of sequence control.

Training for relay sequence is available.
Content-rich textbook will assist your firm comprehension.
Transparent tutorial video also helps your study.
It is applicable for main PLCs which are widely used in Japan.

【Combination with DVD and textbook will give you more robust improvement.】

Although actual operation training is essential for getting skill of sequence control, you might be afraid with only having machines. We are hoping you to get not only machine but also real comprehension. That is why we highly urge you to get additional materials, tutorial DVD and textbook which must be great supporters for your study. The tutorial video has been consisted of three principal themes, Relay Sequence, Relay Ladder, and Step Ladder, which contain specific explanation for skillfulness. All of them are well-organized to enable you to achieve the target effortlessly without realizing, starting with the easiest level, that means we guarantee your satisfaction with great results and continuity in your studies. Even learning beginners can start it with ease.

【Gets SFC programming skill for your better development environment.】

Attached SFC operation manual guide arranged by ADWIN, assists you to work with Mitsubishi FX-PCS/WIN, programming software for computer. That must support your understanding what Mitsubishi original manual explains.You can learn about SFC programming in Step Ladder chapter, following to Relay Sequence for basis of sequence control, Relay Ladder for PLC programming.


【Specification of Sequence Trainer ONE】

Sequence Trainer ONE has the almost same specifications as the one of the machine used in national examination. That will reduce your fear and time to concern at the exam.

Composition of Experimental kit
Main body
Wiring cable
Composition of full learning set
Experimental kit main body
Wiring cable
Tutorial movie DVD (3)
Textbook (3)
Operation manual guide for SFC
General manual guide
Dimension W300×D330×H140
Weight 5.7kg
Power consumption AC100V
Control power 24V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Applicable PLC Over
Input 16points
Output 16 points

【Structure of main body】

Names of parts
① Push switch ×5 ⑧ Pilot lump ×4
② Selector switch ×2 ⑨ 7segments LED ×2
③ Digital switch ×1 ⑩ Circuit protector ×1
④ Micro switch ×5 ⑪ Power lump ×1
⑤ Conveyer ×1 ⑫ PLC connection interface (40 terminals) ×1
⑥ Motor driving relay ×2 ⑬ Pallet for conveyer driving ×1
⑦ Relay sequence ×1 ⑭ Wiring cable ×38

Learning Time

【Learning hours】

In "sequence version trainer One / full set", you will learn about the following items. Shown in the table below is the estimated time courses of the curriculum.

【Vol1. Relay sequence control (32min)】

STEP 01 Composition of training kit and suggestions for practical training
STEP 02 Sequence Hands-on training ON circuit
STEP 03 Sequence Hands-on training AND circuit
STEP 04 Sequence Hands-on training OR circuit
STEP 05 Sequence Hands-on training Electromagnetic excitation relay
STEP 06 Sequence Hands-on training Light the pilot lamp at the joint of relay
STEP 07 Sequence Hands-on training Self-hold circuit 1
STEP 08 Sequence Hands-on training Self-hold circuit 2
STEP 09 Sequence Hands-on training 7 segments LED 1
STEP 10 Sequence Hands-on training 7 segments LED 2
STEP 11 Sequence Hands-on training Digital switch

【Vol2. Relay ladder - Utilizing PLC - (66min)】

STEP 01 What is PLC?
STEP 02 Usage of programming panel and preparation of
programming software
STEP 03 Programming Hands-on training ON circuit
STEP 04 Programming Hands-on training AND circuit
STEP 05 Programming Hands-on training OR circuit
STEP 06 Programming Hands-on training Light PL1 and PL2
at once (self-hold circuit)
STEP 07 Programming practical training Driving conveyor
STEP 08 Programming practical training Interlock circuit
STEP 09 Programming practical training Self-hold circuit of conveyor
STEP 10 Programming practical training Utilizing micro switch
STEP 11 Programming practical training Origin return
STEP 12 Programming practical training Setting starting condition
STEP 13 Programming practical training conveyor shuttle circuit
STEP 14 Programming practical training Timer circuit

【Vol3. Step ladder -utilizing SFC - (92min)】

STEP 01 What is step ladder?
STEP 02 Fact of SFC and step ladder
STEP 03 Continuous operation circuit
STEP 04 Switch between manual operation and auto continuous operation
STEP 05 Switch between individual operation and continuous operation
STEP 06 Utilize counter
STEP 07 Display counted number on 7 segments LED
STEP 08 Digital switch (DSW) and 7 segments LED (DPL)
STEP 09 Part number detection
STEP 10 Displaying the number of continuous operation
STEP 11 Setting the number of continuous operation with Digital switch (DSW)
STEP 12 All combined circuit (add up circuit)

Demo Movie

【Introduction footage of Sequence Trainer ONE】

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