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Learning with the Experimental Kit! Series No.5

Operational Digital Circuit Vol.1

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【For more advanced digital circuit learning!】

We can see the greater use of digital technology in various kinds of industry fields like film, communication, and automobile. Imagining if the products which embedded digital IC function will be more popular, you should realize it will be absolutely necessary to master the basic skill such as how to utilize digital IC. That is why we developed Learning with the Experimental Kit! Series Operational Digital Circuit Vol.1 and we are really happy to provide this practical kit for your better comprehension about basics of digital circuit.

Practical circuit experiment is available with combinations of 15 dedicated IC boards.
Board-ized IC matching with circuit marks gives you clear image of signal flow on your mind.

Get the skill and firm comprehension for logic circuit with more than classroom lecture and simulation.

【Available for digital circuit syllabus in university and college 】

It is best suited for students who have specialized electronics technology at higher education facilities.“Digital Circuit”, “Logic Circuit”, “Computer Basics”, and “Mechatronics” would be appropriated subjects to introduce this kit. Here are some examples of experiment worked with Learning with the Experimental Kit! Series Operational Digital Circuit Vol.1

Oscillating circuit, taking a great role in digital technology
Function of schmitt trigger input, effectual for noise
Timer(One-shot timer)
Counter(Binary counter, BCD counter)
Frequency dividing circuit
7 segment recorder
Analog IC as a usage of NE555

We wish your skill of digital technology will remarkably improve with introducing this kit into your education as “Standard guide for digital technology”.


【Specification of Operational Digital Circuit Vol.1】

Commodity Composition Qty
Textbook (106 pages with full color) 1
Base board 1
Placement board 1
ADM-400 Universal board 2
ADM-401 Inverter 74HC04 1
ADM-402 Schmitt Inverter 74HC14 1
ADM-403 2input NAND 74HC00 1
ADM-404 2input NOR 74HC02 1
ADM-405 3input NAND 74HC10 1
ADM-406 3input NOR 74HC27 1
ADM-407 8input NAND 74HC30 1
ADM-408 8input NOR 74HC4078 1
ADM-409 D-FF 74HC74 2
ADM-410 8input D-FF 74HC273 1
ADM-411 JK-FF 74HC107 2
ADM-412 7seg Decoder 74HC4511 1
ADM-413 4bit Counter 74HC190 2
ADM-414 4bit Counter 74HC191 1
ADM-415 Timer NE555 1
Batch of 15 cm Jumper leads (30pcs) 1
AC/DC adapter 5V 1
Parts set for operation Qty
Resistance 1k 2
Resistance 10k 4
Resistance 100k 2
Resistance 330k 2
Resistance 1M 2
Ceramic capacitor 0.01u 1
Polyester capacitor 0.1u 2
Layered ceramic capacitor 1u 2
Electrolytic capacitor 1u 4
Electrolytic capacitor 10u 4
Electrolytic capacitor 22u 2
Diode 1N4148 2

【15 IC boards in a kit!】

Enjoy flexible and various combination of circuits. Specialized board will allow you to work with protecting IC pins, as you don’t have to insert nor remove IC chips repeatedly.

Learning Time

【Learning hours】

Check out what you will get from the learning contents as follow.Estimated learning hours are described on right side.

STEP No. Subject Time
STEP 01 Oscillating circuit 74HC04 120min
STEP 02 Oscillating circuit 74HC00 60min
STEP 03 Oscillating circuit 74HC14 60min
STEP 04 Oscillating circuit NE555 60min
STEP 05 Oneshot timer NE555 60min
STEP 06 Flipflop 74HC00 60min
STEP 07 Binary counter 74HC74 120min
STEP 08 Ring Counter 74HC273 60min
STEP 09 Frequency dividing circuit 60min
STEP 10 Asynchronous and synchronous counter 4HC107 60min
STEP 11 Binary counter 74HC191 60min
STEP 12 Decoder for 7 segment 74HC4511 60min
STEP 13 1-digit BCD counter 74HC190 90min
STEP 14 2-digit BCD counter 74HC190 45min
STEP 15 “First push” circuit 74HC74 105min

Demo Movie

【Introduction footage】

Coming soon.
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