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Learning with the Kit! Series No.04

FPGA Challenger Basic

Item code: AKE-1104S

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【Think about “Field-programmable” strength】

Imagine that you could change the programming of hardware you had already designed.What is the advantage of that? Products’ specification could be flexible for re-configuration even after manufacturing, and that makes a designer could be free from too heavy pressure. These are the advantages that “Field-programmable gate array” has. That is why we highly urge you master FPGA technology.

FPGA, Field-programmable Gate Array, is a visionary device with advantages of both hardware and software, which can make developers stress-free and happy. High performance as a hardware can allow the flexibility for programming like software. No other LSI can have such a function. These advantages will give you the follow benefits.

Able to shorten the developing term
Able to reduce development and production cost
Able to prompt take re-configuration, re-design, and new service

FPGA is expected to expand its market and to be applied widely around industry machines and home electronics, as the appropriate device for the rapidly changing situation for development.


【Learning with the Kit! Series No.04 FPGA Challenger】

DE0-Nano Kit
USB cable
2 system discs
ELEMO Push Switch Matrix
ELEMO Toggle Switch
ELEMO 7 Segment LED
Motherboard for experiment
What you need to prepare for
OS WindowsXP,Vista,7
Memory Recommended size by OS
HD Over 6.5GB capacity
Monitor 1024 × 768 or more
Port USB
Network Connected to LAN and
wired into internet
Soldering iron, Solder
Phillips-head screwdriver

【Equipped Full Experiment Kit as well as clear instruction guide for perfect apprehension about FPGA】

You can fully understand what FPGA is with well-made material consisted by friendly textbook and handy experiment kit as well as other “Learning with the Kit” series. Terasic DE0-Nano board which is suitable for beginners has been adopted in the kit as the FPGA you will try.

【DE0-Nano Board】

Here is the specification of DE0-Nano board.

FPGA Device Cyclone® IV EP4CE22F17C6N
Logic elements (LEs) 22,320
Embedded memory (Kbits) 594
Multipliers 66
General-purpose PLLs 4
I/O pins 153
Expansion Header 40-pin x 2( 72 I/O pins)
5V x 2, 3.3V x 2, GND x 4
26-pin (16 digital I/O pins, 8
analog input pins )
LED 8 green LEDs
Push-buttons 2 debounced push-buttons
DIP switches 4 dip switches
G-Sensor ADI ADXL345, 3-axis, 13-bit
A/D Converter NS ADC128S022, 8-Ch,12-bit
Clock System 50MHz clock oscillator

Learning Time

【Estimated learning hours】

Please refer the following steps to get what you will learn through this kit.

STEP No. Subject Time
STEP 01 What is DE0-Nano, education board 15min
STEP 02 Preparation for development environment 30min
STEP 03 Project development 90min
STEP 04 Project execution 240min
STEP 05 AND Circuit 90min
STEP 06 OR Circuit 30min
STEP 07 Selector Circuit 120min
STEP 08 FlipFlop 90min
STEP 09 MCircuit simulation with ModelSim 180min
STEP 10 Counter Circuit (Count system clock) 150min
STEP 11 Counter Circuit (Count switch input) 120min
STEP 12 Counter Circuit (Up-down counter) 180min
STEP 13 7 Segment Counter Circuit 120min
STEP 14 Hierarchization 240min

Demo Movie

【Introduction footage of Learning with the Kit! No.04 FPGA challenger basic】

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