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Master the basis of relay sequence control with desk-size experimental kit.

Sequence Experimental Kit mini

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【For more accessible sequence control learning on your desk】

Sequence control must be an essential technology for training work-ready engineers at polytechnics, technological colleges, universities, and companies. We know how much people have required this kind of skill through the popularity of the seminars we have organized. For your practical skill master, an actual machine is a must-have item. That is why our existing products like Mechatronics Sequence Kit and Sequence Trainer One have been introduced in many institutes. However, we have found more compact and affordable experimental kit may be needed, hearing our users’ voice: Dedicated instructors want to do more individually targeted teaching, and aspiring learners need their own kit for self study away from school. This condensed experimental kit, Sequence Experiment Kit mini has developed by their voice.

【No more bothering study! Well-organized material makes your study easy and comfy!】

You will enjoy the vibrant feeling “completed!” and “achieved!”, and find sequence control not complicated at all through this kit.Here are abilities you will get.

to get circuit diagram
to read each code
to distinguish current and voltage
to master how to manage input/output devices
to design control circuit with self holding circuit
to make clear specification of sequence control
to do wiring according to circuit diagram
to check the behavior and find out the problem and solution

【The second of Learning with the Kit series, accessible and comfortable material】

Learning with the Kit series will provide you with practical and effective learning. You don’t have to be bothered by unprofitable study like unintelligible reading or useless knowledge. Let’s master the practical skill effortlessly and effectively.


【Specification of Sequence Experiment Kit mini】

All color textbook with 52 pages
Assembly kit
(motherboard 160x155mm and parts)
Motor unit
(DC motor and gear box)
AC adapter 24V
Jumper lead set
What you nee prepare for
Soldering tool set
(Soldering iron and solder)
Philip-head/flat-head screw drivers

Learning Time

【Estimated learning time】

Here are the learning points you will get through Sequence Experiment Kit mini.


STEP No. Subject Time
  Assembly 120min
STEP 01 Basic Circuit 50min
STEP 02 ON Circuit 50min
STEP 03 AND Circuit 50min
STEP 04 OR Circuit 50min
STEP 05 Electromagnetic relay circuit 60min
STEP 06 Self-maintaining Circuit(1) 40min
STEP 07 Self-maintaining Circuit(2) 50min
STEP 08 Motor-driven Circuit 50min
STEP 09 Normal/Reverse Rotation Circuit of Motor 50min
STEP 10 Circuit with Limit Switch 60min
STEP 11 Interlock Circuit 50min
STEP 12 Manual/Automatic Circuit 50min

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