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Mechatronics Sequence Kit
This teaching material is made to understand Electromechanical Sequence Control with video tapes and training kit. Training video gives some basic knowledges and hints to solve questions.At first, a simple circuit to turn on lamp when button is pressed, then explanation gradually reaches some complex circuits. Ordinary ways like textbook take much time to learn Seq-control, this training material can sherton time of learning about electromechanical Sequence Control such as 30 ours. We have many customers among Japanese schools and companies. This teaching material is a safe one because of authorized by The Ministry of Labor of Japan. DETAILS
Programmble Controller Training System
The quickest way to master programmable controllers ( sequencers ) is to actually use them. Utilizes a combination of 2videos and kit. The 2-part course presents a systematic curriculum beginning with the basics then continuing with applications and the practical learning kit ( which is composed of various control devices ).In video 1 even a beginner will be able master basic circuit sequence control concepts such as ON Circuit, AND Circuit, OR Circuit, Self-holding Circuit ( 8 hours ).In video 2, users will start with motor sequence circuit and finish with a continuous running two motor circuit in a relatively short time ( 16 hours ). We encourage you to test and incorporate this new practical video and kit duo. DETAILS
Pendulum Control Training Apparatus by Fuzzy Theory
It is Fuzzy control to translate the human rule of thumb into certain rules as inputs / outputs and use them for control. In the recent applications of Fuzzy control, however, it is attempted to control an object which has no human rule of thumb thus leaving it difficult to introduce such rules. Fuzzy control is a technology which can exert the best effect when the conventional control method is hard to apply to the object due to difficulty, time and cost to introduce a mathematical model or due to nonlinear model. Our Fuzzy control training kit for a swing-up inverted pendulum provides you the best mean to easily understand about Fuzzy control. DETAILS

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