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“ Be an advancing and aspiring innovator infinitely! Groundbreaking educational system is our goal ”

It seems our country is getting out of a long and dark economical plateau term finally, however, still have some problems such as politics in disarray, unemployment, and many other concerns for future. Our predecessors, however, have taught us that we are able to progress with full of hope, no matter what a difficulty we are facing. It is described in this historical quote, “Adversity makes a man wise.” We can find new breathes in various fields, and that urges us to work on the development of education field.

“Creating innovative educational system” is our policy, which is the basis of our activity for contribution to the world. Why “education”? ― It is the source of wisdom, bravery, foresight, and strength, getting over the difficulty and build up the future. To enhance science technology as crucial lifeline of Japan, we need to re-evaluate conventional method. That is why we have suggested “workshop style education” on the basis of problem-based learning. The core of this educational method is “step-by-step approach”, which is providing learners with exercise, letting them think of solution, and providing them with more complicated exercise as next step. Not only textbook but also tutorial video and practical machine will enable learners to master the skill confidently by making certain of what textbook explains.

We have supplied learning tools focusing on basic sphere for elementary learners. We are positively planning to develop and launch “year-round material” that you can use for your study and training through a whole year, for examples, “Embedded system engineers with ARM skill training course”, “karakuri contraption system engineering course”, and “Digital signage course”. These new projects are expected to be adopted in universities and technological colleges through a whole year. The achievement is to make trainees master professional skill by the time they will complete the course. Additionally, developing the better method for on the job training would be also necessary and must be our mission. We would like to make a solution for this issue, “What should schools do for bringing in the advantage of companies’ training?” To complete our mission, ADWIN has concluded an agreement with Kure National College of Technology that I graduated, for the inclusive education project.

We would like to say thank you to all institutes in the world for lending hands to achieve our mission, in advanced.

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